The Nashi Pear is tough and we love it.
That's why we've been friends for over 30 years.

The Nashi Pear

She is beautiful, juicy and thirst-quenching , rich in minerals and with a crunchy, fresh and enveloping pulp.

Even though her rounded and generous shape might deceive you, don't ask her if she's a cross between an apple and a pear, she might be offended! She likes to define herself like this:

“adults and children like me and even those who don't like pears, I'm round, surprising inside and out. "

Everyone likes the Nashi Pear precisely because it has a totally different flavor from the Western pear varieties we are used to. She is truly unique.

There are a hundred varieties of Pere Nashi in the world: after years of research and hard work, we have chosen to cultivate 2 varieties that are well suited to our climate and the organoleptic properties of our soils, they are called Pià and Aky .

Pera Nashi Pià

The Nashi Pera variety Pià It has a bronze-orange color, a sweet taste and good conservation. Ripens in early September. Pià is the name of the village that hosts our company.

Pear nashi variety Pià

Pera Nashi Aky

The Nashi pear variety Aky is light bronze in color, with a crispier pulp and slightly vanilla on the palate. It keeps longer and ripens in mid-October. Aky means "autumn" in Japanese and indicates the season in which it ripens.

Pear nashi variety Aky

Pears Nashi grow very well in Piozzo, with the Monviso behind and in front of our beloved Langhe.

Us and the Nashi Pear

Growing the Nashi Pear is a choice that goes beyond the production of original pears because it contains the essence of our family: respect for the territory that hosts us, tenacity of our father who never gave up, the passion that we children inherited which has turned into beauty, sacrifice, listening, actions .

We have been growing the Nashi pear for 30 years because we believe it is an extraordinary fruit but little known and we would like to give everyone the opportunity and the pleasure of tasting it.

We are fortunate to live and grow in a wonderful territory that gives this fruit a unique taste and goodness. It is not just for us, the place is important for all crops. Think of the Langhe, a land of vines a step away from us. There are many producers of Nebbiolo, but each winery based on the terrain in which the vineyard is located will produce a wine with a different flavor. The same thing happens with Nashi Pears.

Our Nashi Pears know that they can count on us for the attention we dedicate to cultivation and care for each of them.

The processing and packaging are still carried out by hand, as in the past, to guarantee a quality that would not be possible with a machine or with chemistry.

Every fruit that arrives on your table is a piece of our history.

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